The Modeling Industry: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

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Edited by Israh S.

Pricing Beauty: The Making of a Fashion Model by Ashley Mears
This Year’s Model: Fashion, Media, and the Making of Glamour by Elizabeth Wissinger
Fashioning models pic, text, and industry by Elizabeth Wissinger & Joanne Entwistle
Fashioning Fat: Inside Plus-Size Modeling by Amanda M. Czerniawski
“Pride and Glamour on the Catwalk: Fashion Models as National and Ethnic Icons” by Patrícia Soley-Beltran in Identity Discourses and Communities in International Events, Galas and Spectacles
“The Enchanted Spectacle” by Caroline Evans in Fashion Theory The Journal of Dress Body & Culture

0:00 – intro
3:39 – the origins of modeling
15:13 – the fashion model epoch
21:50 – the “look” and other difficulties


  1. I like the vibe of these videos – no-nonsense deconstruction of topics. Modeling seems like a job were there will almost inherently be this whiplash of the high of attention/ praise / status for models and the lows of criticism / objectification /often poor health and financial instability. It’s like the whiplash of being in an abusive relationship.

  2. Can we talk about the Beautiful Chinese model who is getting slaughtered because she’s “too asian, has slanted eyes, etc” it’s really disgusting because she is gorgeous. It was one of those shorts on YT so I don’t exactly remember her name but she was getting death threats for “trying to ruin the image of Chinese beauty”

  3. She is dead. But it was an acident. She fell

  4. Supermodel > IG Model
    Nuff said 🙌

  5. I love the fact that you’re editing in a rhcp t-shirt😍 keep up the amazing work, i really enjoy your videos💪🏼

  6. this is so random but wow you look so good with no eyebrows, i could never

  7. 7:15 US president?

  8. Please add measurements in cm too, it’s annoying to google every time you say inch

  9. Nepotism honestly is a big problem in many industries today

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