The Men Who Ruined James Harden’s Career and Forced The Houston Rockets To Rebuild

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  1. I personally wouldn’t expect anything exceptional from a player who spent the last five seasons hogging the ball in iso, stepping back, traveling and flopping in the paint. His consistency is low, he gets too many turnovers and he doesn’t want to move much on the court. It doesn’t matter who you get alongside, if you don’t play as a team, they might as well be no name college players. Then you need to be Wilt Chamberlain to win championships, not James Harden.

  2. Cp3 P.j. tucker, whiteside and Ginnas to the raptors

  3. Morey’s commitment to the “analytical data” is another problem. You can’t tell Westbrook it’s either a three or a layup

  4. Great analysis. D’Antoni is a SHITTY coach!!! Not enough blame going to him.

  5. Sign boogie cousins

  6. Mark jackson, harden, klay thompson / buddy hield, ibaka, covington, westbrook and bench such as gordon, tucker, house, mclemore will be great 👍👍👍

  7. What we ignore is that if LeBron were on this team all those who underperformed would’ve been traded 2 years ago not the rockets keep resigning unproven players get the same results.

  8. You are wrong on so many aspects. Where do I even begin…..

    Starting with the teams Harden lost to *after* he had a powerful duo with Dwight/CP3/Russ. Harden lost in 2015 to the Warriors who went on to win the Championship. In 2018 and 2019, he lost to one of the 4 greatest teams of all time. In 2020, he’s lost to LeBron James, who is arguably 1 or 2 all time. The players he lost to – Curry, KD, LeBron are all future top 10-15 all time players.

    Now, about Mike D’Antoni. When he coached the Suns, he lost to a top 4 greatest all time team, the Spurs Dynasty. He was unfortunate to have injuries all the time on his team since then, which erased the Suns. In Houston, he lost to another top 4 team in GSW and then LeBron James. Doesn’t look like he lost to nobodies……

    Coming to Harden and the game’s coaching, you discussed how Brad Stevens and Spoelstra adjusted their game plans whenever their star player struggled. Who exactly could D’Antoni fall back to? Russ couldn’t shoot, Eric Gordon was hot trash and the remaining team was absolutely garbage. If all the pressure is on Harden to score and with no offensive support, he will *DEFINITELY lose.* We saw last year in the finals how Steph couldn’t do anything because no one on the Warriors could make shots even under the rim! The Raps focused on Steph and the game was over.

    Finally, the title of this vid. Do we say that John Stockton, Karl Malone, Patrick Ewing, Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp had their career ruined just because they lost to greatness? MJ and the Bulls were great. They won because they were simply better. GSW, Curry, LeBron are all greater than Harden and the Rockets. To lose to gods of basketball doesn’t mean you were bad. You just weren’t good enough. People speak as if Harden and the Rockets are the next coming of MJ and the Bulls. They were NEVER the overwhelming favourites. GSW was till the last few years, before that the Spurs, before that the Lakers. And now, it was between the Clippers and the Lakers.

    Someone has to be the fall guy and get the blame. That doesn’t mean that they actually deserved the blame. Upsets don’t happen often in the NBA. In recent memory, only 3 big upsets happened – 2015 GSW win, 2011 Dallas win, 2004 Pistons win.

  9. Jackson Littlewood

    As a Rockets fan, I agree with just about everything you said except the Daryl Morey point. I don’t think this roster isn’t versatile enough to compete for a title in a new coach’s system. In theory, this should be a bad defensive team, but they had the best defensive rating in the first round because they were quicker and more versatile than everyone else. They don’t need to run the Mike D’Antoni system, but they do need to capitalize on a high volume of 3’s. Running post plays with anyone (not just a bad post player like Tucker) doesn’t make sense in terms of analytics. Every team is running away from post plays, not just the Rockets.

  10. Cp3 was the real reason the rockets fell out of championship contention

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