The Masters Honorary Starter Tradition

Watch live now as Honorary Starters Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player and Lee Elder continue the Honorary Starter Tradition that started in 1963. #themasters


  1. Thank you for the touching race propaganda added to this sporting event! Much needed

  2. So amazing — and moving — and to think that The Squire hit this shot into his 90s! (not trying to take anything away from anyone else ha!) Thank you for this, Augusta.

  3. Corek BleedingHollow

    Wow are those his granddaughters? They are so cute

  4. It’s crazy, Nicklaus played in his first Masters in 1959 for Christ’s sake. Some 62 years ago . Wasn’t that during the Korean War?

  5. Lee Elder is a class act. I can tell you that from personal experience .

  6. STUPID SPORT!!! Boring

  7. Why is Lee Elder just now getting to do this? He should have been doing this a long time ago with arny and Jack and Gary and the rest of em. Long time a coming.

  8. It’s time for the “Tounament” here in my hometown! Welcome everyone. The course looks gorgeous! A lifetime of watching/going (65 on Saturday). 💕 It!

  9. What’s with the edits?

  10. Horrible editing. Thanks for that

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