The Mandalorian Episode 2 S3 BREAKDOWN – IT EXISTS!!

As they travel through the mines, Mando picks up a dusty Mandalorian helmet, when he’s captured by a huge cyborg with a general life-threatening looking organic eye. Super cool idea whoever came up with this and then got it approved did a terrific job. I liked this, had some old vengeance of the sith idea art vibes. He moves like Grievous, and is without exaggeration just a brain with one eye, the remainder is mecahnical. Whatever this animal is, he has some really high end cybernetics, akin to Grievous’s.

Grogu attempts to free mando with the force but fails and so Din tells Baby Yoda to go get Bo Katan. Now some folks in the live stream chat were wondering why he did not say go get Boba Fett, but I would say because there is less rationalization needed with Bo Katan and the fact that Bo knows Mandalore well.
As Baby Yoda grasps her attention by landing, they head in her ship, the Gauntlet Starfighter.
Landing back on Mandalore, she tells Grogu it did not always look like this you know, as they land down and go find Mando, heading deep into the mines. Taking her helmet off as she gawps at what has become of Mandalore. She says this once was a gorgeous city, and that her family laid claim to it all…now it is just a tomb. She’s quite aware of her surroundings as she pushes Grogu aside and blasts down some Allamites. We watch how skilled she is as a fighter and mandalorian as she makes quick work of them without any the dark saber at her side.

Heading into the general life-threatening 2.0’s lair where mando is being held, she combats him and then summons the dark saber as she kindles it and moves so smooth and rapidly around not like Din Djarin who wields it like it is Thor’s heavy hammer and he’s unworthy as heck.
Bo beats the animal two times, once in his life-threatening form, and then again in his mecha warrior suit. The Dark saber is rumoured to be stronger than a lightsaber blade, but who knows for sure in canon.

She seems encouraged or perhaps even has a villainous plan behind this but tells Din she’ll take him to the springs he seeks for redemption. Grogu pfffts which tells me he does not trust Bo, he can most probably feel her villainous emotions maybe.

She says the empire set out to penalize them to wipe away their reminiscence of their magnificent planet. Bo says what is agonizing is not that the empire destroyed them, but rather the civil wars they endured for centuries, leading to the weakness for the Empire to break them.
Bo admits as a child she went to the springs to play but as her royal family would have her do, she would publicly recite the mandalorian tenets infront of large crowds. Mandalorian people loved to see their princess do so. The Mandalorian tenets, also known as the Resol’nare, are a set of core principles that define what it means to be a Mandalorian. The six tenets include: wearing armor, speaking the language of Mandoa, defending oneself and family, raising children as Mandalorians, contributing to the clan’s welfare, and answering the call to action from the Mandalore.

Mando tells her he wishes to have met her father, and that he died defending mandalore. Mando pauses and says this is the way. She realizes how patriotic Mando is, and she seems to like it. I think there’s a bit of a chemistry here perhaps, but a love hate relationship perhaps.

They arrive at the living waters, and it’s a dark dungy looking place now. She reads the plaque and it states that this is the place of the great mythosaur, that mandalore the great was able to tame the mythical beast. It is said that if a mandalorian rides a mythosaur, they control all mandalore and mandalorians. I think it even goes beyond the authority of the dark saber. Personally, I think Mandalore the great is just the new canon version of mandalore the ultimate. Mandalore the Great was an ancient Mandalorian ruler who led the Mandalorians in a series of conflicts against the Jedi Order.
As Din walks into the water and recites his vow as a mandalorian and the creed, Bo looks on in admiration of his loyalty and passion for Mandalorians. She seems like she really respects it, as he recites and walks further, he drops like a sack of bricks in the water all the way to the bottom surface where Bo grabs him and as she blasts back up to the surface with Mando, she passes a GIANT creature, a mythosaur thought to be extinct!

So the Mythosaur still exists. This means rule over Mandalore is still possible if one is to tame the creature, which is exactly what I think Bo Katan will do. She may tame the beast, use it to defeat Din and take the dark saber for herself.

A funny theory is if Grogu uses beast control to tame the beast, making him the leader of Mandalore, or perhaps Din if he tells the Mythosaur to answer to him.


  1. Imperatrix Mundi

    Bo diving in after Din makes it so they both bathed in those waters. Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s used later.

  2. It is indeed that R5. She even references his time in the rebellion which was discussed the the novel ‘a certain point of view’

  3. The Mythasaur is no longer a myth. Now it is just the Asaur.

  4. Anthony Cicciarelli

    Did Din not lose the dark saber to the cyborg who then lost it to Bo?

  5. It almost seems like they are trying to discredit Mando. Like they realized that he was awesome and capable so they had to change that. Episode 1 he cant hit IG-11 when he attacks and he cant talk to the little aliens, and his plan is stupid (that being using IG-11 instead of some other droid). Episode 2 really suggests that he is inept all of a sudden. First he can barely handle 3 alien dudes that attack him in the cave, then he easily gets captured and cant get away, then he gets pulled underwater or maybe falls and sinks into the water (not too sure, nothing was shown that suggests he was pulled into the water).

    Then to top it off, we have clean comparisons of Bo Katan to Mando in episode 2. Mando can barely handle 3 of the alien creatures, Bo Katan beat 4 of them easily. Mando still cant wield the Dark Sabre, Bo Katan easily can. Mando gets caught in a trap, Bo Katan sees a trap coming and is not taken by it. Mando can’t find the entrance to the mine, Bo Katan shows it to him (this one isn’t so bad since he had never been to the planet). Mando sinks to the bottom of a super deep cave lake, Bo Katan saves him immediately. I am fine with Bo Katan being shown as more than capable, as she is, it was just odd how they have decided to do that at the cost of Mando, and it just made Mando look dumb and inept.

    On a side note, if Mandalorians jetpacks work underwater, then why did Mando take off his jetpack. I assumed because it could be damaged by water and wouldn’t work, however Bo Katan’s worked fine.

    It is just stuff like this that doesn’t make sense, and seems like they are trying to make Mando inept for some reason. Not a fan of this season so far, very disappointed. I actually like the two Mando episodes in the Book of Boba Fett (just wish it wasn’t part of that show). I didn’t even hate the Book of Boba Fett (thought it was stupid but didnt hate it), but this is a terrible start to a season. Especially after the finale of Season 2 that brought the show and the characters to new places.

    • Bo is familiar with the landscape and knows what to expect. Also, she is trained with using the Darksaber and he isn’t.

  6. Jack o lantern 14

    Mandalore the Ultimate was and is the most epic Mandalore who ever lived. Canon or Legends

  7. Screaming Monkeys

    It is R5 D4 from a New Hope. In the Closed Captions it says R5 D4: *beeps*

  8. Tristan Lambert

    I’ve always hoped that we’d see a mythosaur and that they’d turn out to be a real thing, not just a myth. It was basically bound to happen but I’m still happy to actually see it. I sorta knew in BOBF when the armourer mentioned it that it was a bit of a foreshadow. Really looking forward to getting a better look at the beast, though from what we’ve seen from this episode alone I love the design and how it was instantly recognizable from the mandalorian insignia.

  9. He was “defeated” and the backsaber stripped from him by the cyborg. She defeated the cyborg. I could see them using this as an excuse to return the darksaber to her.

  10. Im leaning towards grogu being the mandilore with bo and djin training him in the ways of the mando. Although i wouldnt be mad either way.

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