The Lore of Elden Ring’s Cosmic Sorcerers

00:00 Long Ago…
00:53 The Power of the Night Sky
04:05 The Founding Rain of Stars
07:34 The Institution of Raya Lucaria
12:59 The Conspectus of Raya Lucaria
25:12 The Horrors of the Night Sky
33:06 The Dawn of a New Day

►John Devlin

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►Jakub Pietras – The Day of Reckoning
►Francesco DAndrea – Tempus Fugit
►Francesco DAndrea – The Night of the Magic Elves
►Sebastian Pangal – The Grand Chopin Nocturne
►Calcifer – Jon Bjork
►Jeremy Chontow – Down the Rabbit Hole
►Hero’s Pilgrimage – Jon Bjork
►Magical Garden – Jon Algar.
►Ascension Song
►ES_Fay in Mist – Magnus Ludvigsson.
►Converging Descent.
►Beyond the Western Hills – Gabriel Lewis
►Haunted Ruins
►Jakub Pietras – Battling for Mankind
►Droknar’s Forge
►Obscure’s College Of Winterhold – Official Soundtrack
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  1. That’s why I love Elden ring and really any souls borne game. The more you learn about the lore the more of a badass you can feel like. Basically if you chose to be astrologer and got every spell in game, primarily the primeval ones, you’re essentially the most powerful sorcerer to have ever lived.

  2. I was hoping still working with Mispap as he was commenting on the first few videos and didn’t see the comment but had a feeling because the footage was like theirs and beautiful. You two are a great team of storytelling as is very compelling and flows so elegantly.

  3. Really hoping this video explains what graven masses truly are. Thats like the one thing that makes me feel otherworldly vibes evn after this long

  4. Hey, Ive been watching since the Edward Emberpants series and just wanted to say that this is such a good video. Great to see how you’ve improved over the years. Keep it up. R

  5. Did Radhan also stop the movement of stars so that there would be no more meteors falling to create glintstone so eventually it would run out?

  6. How amazing is it that we can just watch this for free?

  7. Come Fast To Get Into My Body

    I wonder… does this mean that when Radhan fought the stars, he literally fought them? Did he halt them with his martial and magical prowess? That might be the most impressive feat of any character in the lore. Imagine him taking on perfectly realized versions of Astel, all on his own. Dang.

  8. I knew I recognize the background song. Great stuff!!

  9. Hat’s off to everyone who worked on this brilliant video. Amazing summary with wonderful cinematics and music, which is making me hungry for more content about Sellia and other sorceries.

  10. Album Interpretations

    Something to also mention; the Primeval Current is not “just” for Sorceries. It’s implied that Incantations take their power from the same place. This probably also explains why an Astrologer was able to manifest Founding Rain of Stars; he simply had enough faith to make it happen. The difference between Sorceries and Incantations are negligible, they are two sides of the same coin, both aspects of the stars in one way or another. All that matters is how you choose to apply yourself to making them happen.

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