The LION KING Makeup Collection: Worth The Hype?! | Jackie Aina

Hey boos! So The Lion Makeup makeup collection by Sir John and Luminess is OUT and today I’ll be figuring out if it is indeed worth the hype! You KNOW how I feel about motion picture makeup collections!!! Let us see if she’s lovely!

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UOMA Beauty
Say What?!

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  1. Brows before foundation of course.

  2. Brows before if I’m in a rush and not doing much with my makeup butttt if I’m about to beat my face downnnnn then brows after

  3. Girl OF COURSE it’s brows before foundation. But some people do it the other way.. That’s cool too ian mad

  4. Definetly brows before foundation if i do it reverse i just mess everything up??

  5. she said landing strip?????

  6. Brows AFTER cause I’m a concealer as foundation girl and I gotta be CAREFUL

  7. Jackie how you telling us to follow them and you don’t even follow them lmao

  8. Lmaooo I don’t even do brows because I know I’ll mess them up

  9. That blue is called Zazu bc he is the blue bird that was Mufasa’s majordomo and caretaker of young Simba, in the animated movie. He was voiced by Rowan Atkinson, who is well known for his role as Mr. Bean.

  10. Any Cameroon ppl here???

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