The Last of Us Part II – Game Review

The Last of Us 2!! The divisive game that was created to be divisive because reasons. Here is my review for THE LAST OF US PART II!

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  1. How to unsee the gap in Jeremy’s moustache

  2. Imagine if the Arkham Knight wasn’t Jason and he killed Batman halfway through and you played as the Arkham Knight the rest of the game.

  3. I like how you don’t think of Abby’s half of the game as a spoiler, because the review embargo didn’t let people talk about that… like it was a big shock when you do.

  4. King Cartier Gaming

    First half of game for me was solid 10/10. From a game players perspective I genuinely mean that, despite my rage at the (SPOILER DEATH).
    I’m during second half and my interest is dropping and I’m finding it harder to pick it back up.
    We will see how I feel completely if I get to the end

  5. Dude, you need to review red dead redemption 2.

  6. This is the worst story of a game I have ever played in my whole life. Not only it amplifies their secret agendas of feminism, homosexuality but also SPITTING on the one character that made The Last Of Us one of the greatest games of all times. Naughty Dog disrespectfully spat on the fans, on Joel and on the game itself. They have ruined a beautiful character such as Ellie and tried so hard to make you feel for Abby ! No wonder 70% of the employees have left Naughty Dog ! This is a terrible game .. and I feel bad for my 60 Euros

  7. Just Another Monster


  8. Please give a review on cyberpunk 2077

  9. God, I hate that lame box cover of the game (especially when compared to the first one’s atmospheric one).

  10. Pull that one gray hair out please

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