THE LAST OF US Episode 9 Breakdown & Ending Explained | Review And Game Easter Eggs

THE LAST OF US Episode 9 Breakdown & Ending Explained | Review And Game Easter Eggs. We break down and recap Episode 9 of TLOU on HBO. This involves hidden surprises, game similarities and differences, things you missed, hidden details, our review and even our theories on what we think could happen in Season 2. Covering topics for instance Joel and Ellie, Marlene, Ashley Johnson, Anna, Infected, Clickers, Abby and everything you need to understand about the new entry.

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First up though I want to thank all people for rocking with me the last 9 weeks and we are sort of like Joel and Ellie a bit because I’d doom the whole human race just to get a thumbs up from you.

Anyway we start off the episode with a flashback and this features a major game cameo. Out in the forest we join a pregnant girl running and this is none other than Ashley Johnson. Ashley voiced Ellie in the game and here we catch her playing her mom. So far a few large actors from the game have popped up which includes Tommy’s voice actor as Perry, Troy Baker as James last week and Marlene’s who shows up later on in this scene.

Ellies mom is called Anna and she was first mentioned in the last of us comic American Dreams.

This featured Ellie and Riley and in it we learned a little bit about Anna and what she did before the outbreak.

Anna worked as a care giver before the outbreak and we know that she and her lifelong friend Marlene survived together when everything went down worse than this channels views next week.

All that we learned from the backstroy was that she passed away within a day of giving birth to Ellie but here we see it fleshed out with her running to a farmhouse being pursued by an infected person. We can see a giant symbol for the fireflies denoting that this is a safehouse and you can in addition catch what I’m guessing is the Boston QZ in the background. As we know this was controlled by Fedra and though we do not learn why Anna’s out on her own like this it likely has something to do with the infected.


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    • @Professor DooDoobutt Paul has twins. Condolences)hugs( for your loss …

    • Professor DooDoobutt

      @Anya Getman Thanks.


    • You missed a lot of easter eggs as usual heavy spoilers, I hope somebody else covers them.

    • its a poor and shallow take of the post apocalypse, things are either too grim or too light…its either the road or maze runner, the tone suck ass, even if joel agree to sacrifice ellie, how would the firefly distirbute the cure? theyre not the government, even the government is not the government, its crappy world building, theres no postmen, theres no more real sense of civilization, no networking, nothing.. people got very savage in only 20 years over a zombie threat that dont really matter, the world gets zombie because it got real hot isnt it? where is that heat globally effecting the character after? theres even still snow!


    Honestly it was disappointing.. they did so much wrong with this season

  3. Beyond_The_Tequila_Rift

    The other thing is that by logic, there is a chance that someone else or at least a few others might have received a similar birth with immunity like Ellie (Maybe not like for like).

    The other thing is also the fact that everyone is surviving, and it may be a new reality to just co tinie on the way everything is. This is a deep moral, ethical and philosophical dilemma. AMAZING!!!

  4. i cannot wait til i get the satisfaction of seeing Joel die, he deserves it


  6. So the Christian guy had to be a crazed child rapist? Where are all the woke folk now?

  7. The koolest part for me in the episode was that the hospital they filmed it in was the QEII in Grande Prairie AB. & both of my daughters were born in it. 🍻 cheers

  8. I would kill for more petty reasons but Joel really crosses the line.

  9. Wow, sure you have enough of whatever those toys are called bro?

  10. I live in Salt Lake City. In real life, the bus station is called “The Intermodal Hub”.

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