The Last of Us cast sit down with game and show creators | Creator to Creator [Part 1]

[Part 1] In this most up-to-date episode of Creator to Creator, Pedro Pascal, Bella Ramsey, and the creators of The Last of Us game & show sit down to debate everything it took to bring this franchise to life.

From casting to production challenges to defending the fans of the game, the cast & creators discuss their initial dreads, and how each of their contributions helped to maintain the tale and experience of the game.

Remain tuned for Part 2 of the discussion, coming soon (spoilers ahead).

Featuring: Pedro Pascal (‘Joel’), Bella Ramsey (‘Ellie’), Neil Druckmann (Co-President of Naughty Dog, Writer, Executive Producer), Craig Mazin (Writer, Executive Producer), and Asad Qizilbash (Head of PlayStation Productions).

As an inventive enjoyment company, Sony commemorates creators who think differently, push thresholds, and in the end motivate fans through their work – all for the love of enjoyment. We are proud to be a platform for idealists.



  1. Part 2 of Creator to Creator drops next week! Make sure to watch Ep. 8 of The Last of Us before checking out the conclusion of our sit down.

    • @Andrew Keshan Those aren’t ratings, those are user reviews on imdb. They don’t really mean much since they get brigaded a lot by angry fans. The Bill and Frank episode was the lowest episode at 8, but after that they shot back up to the 9’s.

    • ​​@Andrew Keshan as long as they don’t do part 2 and end with the part 1 ending this show will be considered one of the greatest shows.

      But having said that I strongly feel they’ll adapt part 2 as well and butcher this story again. They don’t seem to learn from their mistakes

    • i’ll be waiting

    • @Andrew Keshan it’s literally based off the game. Go home, Roger.

    • Of course these two were perfect for the roles. That’s Lyanna F#%king Mormont & the Red Viper of Dorne! Lol. Seriously, I love both these actors and it’s been a great series, knowing nothing about the game until now, btw. Well done

  2. I love that they included Bruce Straley in this video. Recognizing the true OG.

  3. Walking dead is better. Had more action. This show is slow af. All Video game hype

  4. Graveyard Ghoul

    God, if only the Halo tv show had this level of care, dedication and love from its creators.

  5. hey can you make the music even louder so we cant hear them talk please

  6. And everyone forgot about Bruce

  7. just amazing

  8. Dwi Putri Melati

    Maybe bakalan sedikit orang indonesia komentar, but aku tergila-gila dengan tlou terkhusus dengan akting pak joel dan ellie ❤❤

  9. part1?? ohhhh yeahh~

  10. Sony blows

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