The Jordan Poole Party IS OVER In Golden State

The Jordan Poole Party IS OVER For The Golden State Warriors As Gilbert Arenas and the Gils Arena Crew talks about Jordan Poole’s Poor Play during the NBA Playoffs and what The Warriors should do to address their problematical sixth man.

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  1. J Poole will be a superstar once he leaves the Warriors, he needs teammates who can give him confidence and not worry about hierarchy shooting down your confidence. You need to be in a good place mentally for the shots to fall.

  2. Simple solution: Bring some baddies to the Game GSW…We know u got em now bring em for ya boiii

  3. He got ice spice on his mind

  4. Kanye's Burner Account

    I hope Poole gets out of there. The media ran the narrative on him and that one shot. GS benched him and cut his minutes. I no longer want to see that organization do anything but lose.

  5. Poole definitely a starter on a fringe playoff team

  6. Can that nigga fix his mic

  7. He makes the game soo complimented, its hard to watch sometimes.
    1. He gives you 0 on defense
    2. He seems veryyy soft and the little faces he makes at people is corny
    3. I agree, take easy shots. Stop kicking out your damn feet all over the place

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