The Isley Brothers – Friends and Family (Official Video) ft. Ronald Isley & Snoop Dogg

The Official Video for “Friends and Family” by the Isley Brothers featuring Ronald Isley & Snoop Dogg

Production Company: New Sunday Productions
Director: Erik White
Editor: Harvey White
Director of Photography: Joe Labisi


  1. 79. Seventy fucking NINE and I legit wanna be like this man

  2. Esmeralda Redmond

    When you don’t have to mention R Kelly ‘s name, but know this is all R Kelly… You can just hear from the sound # Written and Produce by the King of RnB… Even if he isn’t mentioned it speaks for itself.

  3. That summertime cookout music

  4. R. Kelly all day! R&B is not the same without Robert Kelly. 🙏

  5. can rkelly get some love as one of if not the best singer songwriter who has been relevant 3 generations.

  6. That house on the hill is epic

  7. Why do seems like R. Kelly is all over this song!! I love it

  8. Did anyone notice that pretty ass house out in the middle of nowhere sitting on a mountain looking down at the ocean? Classic

  9. Classic.

  10. Right on time for summer lol

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