The Insane Engineering of the 787

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Writer/Narrator: Brian McManus
Co-Writer: Sophia Mayet
Editor: Dylan Hennessy (
Animator: Mike Ridolfi (
Sound: Graham Haerther (

[10] This reference provides “utmost elongation at failure”, but carbon fibre does not truly have a plastic zone, the fibres just break.

Select imagery/video supplied by Getty Images

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  1. @CAL 787
    No problem cohort

  2. That wasn’t a picture of mt. Olympus. That was mt. Rainier. Some 6000 feet taller at 14,400 ft high. Mt. Olympus I believe is in the Olympic rainforest on the washington state penninsula.

  3. At 5:00 in the film

  4. Thorsten Schmitz

    I would love to… Any chance Nebula/Curiosity accepts PayPal in the future?

  5. Domagoj Pribanic

    I pay for YouTube Premium already. Sorry if that revenue stream isn’t enough to cover the expenses of creating the content. I won’t be subscribing to Nebula/Curiosity Stream however, got subscription fatigue. Not really digging the makeshift freemium model of YouTube + Nebula thing either.

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  7. Teddy's Thai Adventure

    Enjoyed the video thanks

    Just a point on the fuselage of the 787, yes the barrels are wound by the robots with prepreg but the stiffening ribs are still hand layed up. Also you showed the A350 window size and said it was made of alloy, but it too is made from Carbon fiber, just a different method


  8. I went to the air canada maintenance facility a few years ago and got to take a closer look at this beauty, You really dont get the scale of these things until you are standing under its wing, you look up and look down it expecting it to end, but it just keeps going. Nice cockpit too

  9. I work on large jets every day, your information is very accurate and well delivered. Great content! subscribed

  10. I just had my recurrency checks a week ago, since I’m not able to fly due to covid right now. This video gave me a great deal of fresh-up on aerodynamics without having to open my old notebooks. So, thank you for that! Keep up the great work.

  11. Excellent Video!

  12. AKA the Kmart boeing

  13. Why the 787 has no fins at the end of the wings? That thing that reduces the vortex at the very tip of the wing.

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