The Impact Sprinkler – more brainy than it appears!

It is that time again! Time to take a deep dive into the mundane to look at what we can learn. Join me as we look at this sprinkler!

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  1. Personally I love mechanical cleverness created in the before time, as in, before the answer to any question became ‘use a computer’ to solve every problem. Really enjoying your channel.

  2. Impact sprinklers are not annoying, they are part of the nostalgic sound of childhood summers.

  3. Media On Display

    Yay! Getting closer to water softeners … one can dream

  4. More simpler? MORE SIMPLER? Unsubscribed! (Cancelled?)

  5. Great video love it.

  6. and if you wanna see how impact GUNS work (not usually called an impact wrench by mechanics)….
    check out AVE youtube channel.
    like… us nerd that like this channel…. will also LOVE AVE’s channel…… it is more about tools, mechanics, heavy machinery, ETC…..
    but is very cool.
    i love it because he is THE ONLY PERSON that tears about tools when he reviews them
    he doesnt just repeat the marketing on the box…. he actually takes them apart, sees whats gonna break…. improves it if able…. and then tests them in a fair test

  7. Marcos Mirabent

    AvE has a video where he makes a cutaway impact driver. Pretty cool stuff. Fair warning, his language can be crude but his video teardowns are great

  8. And I thought these things just had a motor to make them move…

  9. 6:44 confirmed it is distorting spacetime

  10. I love the shorter videos!

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