The Ice Fortress Rises! – Hermitcraft 9: #17

The main entrance to our base and to Decked Out takes shape today! The gigantic fortress is outlined and two large towers flank the foreboding entrance.

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  1. Absolutely stunningly awesome build. That thing is killa!!! No ice in the mouth though 😉

  2. Imagine the entrance being a massive red tongue

  3. Tango is such a sweet friend ❤️

  4. Kryokraft Keep “The Sleeping Fortress” (the spelling could also be Kryocraft but two Ks looks better I think)

  5. For a name how about “Bitterchill Stronghold”?

  6. Even before Tango asked for a name “Glacial Garrison” popped into my mind.

    But yes, very big Icecrown vibes. Reminds me a lot of Angrathar – the Wrathgate. The entrance from Dragonblight into Icecrown

  7. Fortress name: Frozen Echo Fortress

  8. Amazing build Tango! Maybe two caged Ravager guards at the front entrance, one on each side, with cage doors that can be remotely opened?

  9. Personally I liked the look of the mouth before you added the ice to it. The ice makes a look a little derpy

  10. I think that if you had a picture of an ice hand with the finger tips clawing out of the ground.

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