The Huawei Ban: Clarified!

Huawei flagships without any Google or Android? This is everything you
need to understand.

Fingers crossed Huawei can resolve things. For the sake of contest.


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  1. Aptoide it and just root their phones?

  2. 3years and no evidences to us the public
    The us government is a bully lol y’all didn’t develop 5g instead y’all worry how many genders are their smh ??‍♀️

  3. if anybody’s seen the congress meeting with the google’s CEO awhile back, you’ll know how backwards and out-of-touch with reality congress is. so i’m not surprised this move was made

  4. Don’t eat mandarin oranges, Chinese can use the oranges to get your location !!!

  5. This is all designed to benefit Apple and the US economy. Huawei has been a sledgehammer to the smartphone industry surging forward like a freight train. Apple are falling further and fuether down the pecking order. And as for the “spying” don’t get me started. USA is the worst for spying. Things like Google Home, Amazon Echo, Facebook and Apple all have links to the CIA!

  6. Aloysius Xavier Lilius Pendergast

    lmao @ the US, it’s all viva free market until an outsider comes with the potential to tear you a new one; and then they just pretend to protect the users to apply the most hypocritical protectionism

  7. Did America forgot when the Chinese economy was blocked 50 years ago, China has since become the country of today.

  8. PC Master Trends

    THIS IS CLEARLY a move from the US to strengthen their tech economy’s, anyone from a buisness standpoint should see straight through this…. US companies spy on everyone, we almost all know this, yet everyone still does business with them. They claim Huawei is doing it for china and ban them?

    How about US monopoly on TECH infrastructure was under threat from Huawei and decided to do something about it? Like isn’t this ironic it kinda happens after samsungs failed foldable phone launch and then Huawei was right around the corner with what most called a MUCH BETTER folding phone design. And Huawei’s youtube views on the folding phone went throgh the roof after samsungs fail.


  9. Huawei is mostly sold in Eastern Europe, Russia (to some extent) and mainly CHINA (the most populated country in the world).
    Huawei will definitely push for their own OS very very soon.
    It will be interesting to see if it can survive where many others like BB and Windows and Symbian have failed.
    Given how Huawei has a main share of the largest market (China) under control. I think there is a possibility to for the OS to be popular enough or to have a large enough user base for devs to start thinking about developing apps for this new OS too.

  10. Momit Hasan himu

    please try to be better together..
    don’t fight ? it will harm all of us❤

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