The Horrors of Villisca Ax Murder House

Does this rural Iowan home hold the spirits of its tragical history?


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Jillian DiBlasio

Shane Madej

Ryan Bergara


  1. #postmortem Did y’all hear any of the theories that these murders were linked to either the Axeman of New Orleans or the Hinterkaifeck Family Massacre?

  2. Question for #postmortem
    Have you ever heard about the serial killer theory talked about in the book “The Man from the Train”. Apparently around this time period, several murders were committed by a person with an axe, usually near train yards allowing for this person to travel the country. It’s been theorized that this person was also responsible for the New Orleans axe murders.

  3. #postmortem WHERE IS THE HOT DAGA

  4. What did it feel like when the bed moved? Was it like someone sitting next to you? I’ve experienced that

  5. THEY – Turn of the light
    Gost- Am i your servant ?

  6. I feel like the killer was both excited and guilty about what they had done.

  7. On behalf of all Iowans, I can confirm that we are all haunted.

  8. these are legit Phasmophobia: The Movie

  9. Veronica Migalkina

    Wasn’t there a theory about a priest probably following the family and murdering them? Like he was being weird towards the girls or something like that?

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