The History of Super Mario Bros 3 100% World Records

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  1. Thanks to the following people for help with research! This video wouldn’t have been possible without them. Be sure to check their channels out:


    • yo, what happened to nes super Mario bros world record progression?

    • History of more megamans!
      History of final fantasy games!!
      History of fighting game arcade ladders? (Ultimate mk3, marvel vs Capcom series, street fighters maybe?)
      History of Zelda’s (ocarina will get insane, and I’m sure you’re already aware of the lore behind Cosmo and that game)
      History of pokemon the trading card game (game boy)
      History of dbz legacy of Goku (card game)
      History of more Gameboy/advance stuff
      History of halo legendary? Lmao
      I love this series man. Keep it up!!!

    • Megaman x is my fav game of all time *hint hint*

    • your explanation of the 6-5 despawn is very poor. there is never more than 2 sprites on screen at any given time. What are you even talking about 6 sprites on screen?

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