The Hidden Secrets Of Area 51

What truly lies inside America’s most top secret military base?

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Vintage Tv Set Isolated on White background – stock picture
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Army soldier
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Facebook Page Created As Joke To “Storm Area 51” Becomes Viral Sensation
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A+E Networks And Mischief Management Present AlienCon Los Angeles 2019
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Collage of good looking senior business man over white secluded background Relaxed with serious expression on face. Easy and natural looking at the camera.
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Unidentified Flying Object Clipping Path
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Unidentified Flying Object UFO
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Portrait of self-assured mature physician against wall
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A secluded bearded man in informal wear sits on a white background with hands on his hips.
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Silver background metallic texture wrapping foil paper glistening white grey metal backdrop for wall paper ornament element
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Periodic Table Chart column periodic table Chart Periodic Table of the Elements Chemistry vector on white background illustration
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Close view of an uncommon U-2 Dragon Lady approaching (and its pilot in a space suit).
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Light cumulus clouds in the blue sky. Wide photograph.
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Los Angeles, USA skyline. City shadow with skyscraper buildings, mountains and palm trees. Well known american cityscape
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Milky Way
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Warehouse empty dark vehicle showroom 3D rendering
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Top Secret Old Rubber Stamp Collection 05
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storehouse interior with shutter doors
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close grey door with aluminium or steel wall
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The steel case of a chemical reactor
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Portrait Of Manager And Staff In Engineering Factory
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Security guard wearing a suit and sun shades secluded on white
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Airplane secluded on white with clipping path
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Spacecraft Porthole.
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Lonely senior man
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Portrait of a senior businessman
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Rear view of mature couple looking at something intriguing
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Man in grey suit
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Frequent flyer
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USA Antique Map
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ammunition depot in western nevada
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Portrait Of Young Man Making Stop Gesture
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File Folder Made of 100 Percent Recycled Fiber With Document
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The White House in Washington DC
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Area 51 Signs
sipaphoto/Getty Images
Photo taken in the 1950’s of Allen Dulles, who bec
AFP/Getty Images
Portrait Of Physicist Edward Teller
Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Scientist Opening Tank in The Lab. Close-Up.
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Photobioreactor in Algae fuel biofuel industry .
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Professional shooting with a Camera
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Light Beams Flowing Around The Edge Of A Circular Shaped Futuristic Spaceship. Quantum Mechanics, Antimatter, Magnetic Field, Singularity, Gravitational Waves And Spacetime Concept
dani3315/Getty Images
Abstract blue world circuit
studiodav/Getty Images
american USA flag with pole, stars and stripes, united states of america on chroma key green
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Aerial view of Pentagon at dawn.
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dolly close up of a telegrapher using a morse code key
JHDT Stock Images LLC/Getty Images
white bus journeying down groom lake street in nevada
Nino Alberto/Getty Images
Missile hits the terrorist base
lexaarts/Getty Images
Revolving atom.
SandraMatic/Getty Images
Operate a machine
fjcnolivei/Getty Images
nuke nuclear eruption
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Male shadow calling on the phone
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Jet Aircraft Lands At Night
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balancing steam turbine frontal


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    • Why don’t u make an episode on the SS Ourang Medan? Y’know the deadly ghost ship that the government tried to keep a secret?

    • U want in

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  2. element 115 like call of duty zombies ??

  3. Can u guys stop with the jokes that aint funny just get to the point

  4. Oh shut up buzzfeed . Get off my feed

  5. the boys are back
    the boys are back
    the boys are back gonna do it again
    gonna wake up the neighborhood and scare all demons from this earth thanks shane

  6. You guys are awesome, love your content but I feel like you glossed over Bob Lazars statements and misrepresented him somewhat. The mans life has literally been ruined by all of this and he hasn’t gained anything from revealing what he says happened to him. I’m on the fence about a lot of people who claim they’ve seen aliens or worked in secret projects for the government, but I think Bob is a credible person. He said there was an element 115 and that turned out to be factual, just because we haven’t been able to synthesize it or make it stable doesn’t mean he’s lying.

  7. Someone give Ryan a fade please lmao.

  8. I like to raid my fridge on the weekends.

  9. 2:48 i cannot express how much I hated that

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