The HEARTBEAT is Back!! – Hermitcraft 9: #30

Today the dungeon of Decked Out becomes alive with a super eerie heartbeat system. We in addition get quite a bit of work done on Clank and play some Basalt Assault with friends.

► Amazing Artifact art done by Moselbop!

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  1. As a big fan of Gem, the Gem of Greatness was awesome. I also really loved the pickaxe. A beautiful tribute there

  2. The heartbeat sound is amazing, it’s nice and deep, making it more terrifying the louder/faster it gets; added a bunch of similar things for different sounds will be amazing too; like that tip-toe could be it’s only jukebox sound or the error sound for when something increased clank faster

  3. Victor Gustafsson

    I think it would be cool to have a secret ish room in the dungeon witch contains the heart of the dungeon. Like a large gross looking heart. I don’t know the use of this it would just be cool.

  4. Are there rules for the basalt assault in terms of placing the basalt? Like sometimes you accidentally place it on the layer above, obviously unintentional. But you can’t break it. So could you…..accidentally let a big hole be made at the front of the arena, then….accidentally build a big wall so all the tnt hits it and falls harmlessly in the water. Then just farm snowballs and basalt completely protected towards the back?

  5. oh man the heartbeat is bloody amazing. it’s sounds so much more intense, which will definitely add to the atmosphere of the game. i can just imagine the hermits stressing whenever they hear it.

  6. “An Old Friend’s Pickaxe”
    Judging by the comments, that tribute means a lot to so many of us watching, myself included. Thank you for giving a way for TFC to live on in your amazing game.

    I do have to say the axe of the screaming void is my favorite after that, but I might be biased since I’m also a guitar player.

  7. I love that Scar’s artifact has his smirk and eye look lol The TFC ⛏️ is beautiful. Thank you. And I love the heartbeats. I was yearning for a slightly more realistic heartbeat sound instead given that you simply can using the system your using, but I love it. I can’t wait to see this game being played.

  8. I feel like Etho’s slab is just BEGGING to be combined with the holy hand grenade functionality…

  9. for me the best artifact is:
    “An Old Friend’s Pickaxe”
    Just for the tribute to the person it presents

  10. Love the hearbeat!

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