The Haunting of Shane Dawson

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  1. I seriously love Rylands grandma

  2. Welcome to colorado.

  3. Honestly – I’m glad Shane is back, finally. For sure “mistakes” were made (failed attmepts at humour/ relevancy/ sarcasm/ shock factor/ whatever you want to call it), it just so happens his are very public and there for all to see. I don’t see or feel anything sinister behind his messaging, and hope he can continue doing what he does best.

  4. Still not taking accountability. “That wasn’t me” , Shane that IS you in those videos. Like hello, you! Thumbs down.

  5. this youtube video of shawn was really boring and it was so dull and i wish you showcase more series of people of color instead of white people all the time.

  6. is he filtering the comments or something?? bc i didn’t expect him to get positive feedback at ALL.


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