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  1. Ninten2 Melonjuice

    Wow the knock down was soooo fake, fkn rigged fight…Where is the punch, the head isn’t moving? The look on Sean’s face says it all.

  2. Sally: what the hell
    Captions: what the Ohio
    Everything checks out here

  3. That crane seemed harder tbh

  4. The fact that he made commentated over the picture after the photo shoot , just like they do in good fellas was brilliant ! RIP nerf that sick fuck ❤

  5. Love you Jeff, this video was so beautiful and pure ❤

    I was definitely in my feels watching it, but then your theme song played right after 😂 maybe it’s time for a new one??

    Rest in paradise Nerf! ❤❤

  6. Never thought I’d hear Howlin’ Wolf in a Jeff video👌👌👌👌

  7. I swear, Cory is one of the few YouTubers who make games more entertaining and energetic. Even the calmest games turn into hype sessions.

  8. This video is so beautiful, it makes me so happy to see Jeff with real friends! I think that was a perfect send off and I’m glad Nerf’s last days he could see that you were surrounded by real people, people that he could trust that you wouldn’t feel so alone. He’ll be looking over you everyday, we love you Jeff thank you for the great content❤

  9. Quality content. Made a man tear up.

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