The Hardest Crash I Have Ever Had…

I took certainly one of the hardest hits I’ve ever taken.

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  1. He clear as day did NOT do it on purpose. At least it gave you a new excuse for not winning this time.

  2. First off, very glad Halle is OK.
    Was Halle using a HANS device? I ask because I’ve only watched a handful of real NASCAR races on live TV in my whole life, and one of them was when Dale died in a crash that looked *a lot* like this one (literally had a flashback the moment it happened). There’s a fair bit of evidence to suggest that he might have survived had he been using the HANS device (which of course he hated). I know Garrett uses one. Might be worth mandating for any race on a fast track like this. The curved banking can just slingshot cars into the wall.

  3. It was kinda foolish for you all to get in those cars. I was worried how bad someone was going to get hurt. They weren’t even as safe looking as a Saturday night grocery getter class. And the run no wear near the speeds you all were running. I hope everything is ok take care and stay safe. Stay out of those situations.

  4. Hallie did you get a chance to meet the goonzsquad boys? You should colab with them and show them how to drive there r8 twin turbo or their viper. That would be epic.

  5. Was this event just for utubers

  6. Glad nobody is hurt but i think you should have added that you and Kevin talked about the wreck. He is beat up about causing it and it kind of looks like you are not helping the hate situation.

    Accidents happen and im just glad everyone is alright but a lot of people spreading hate over it.

  7. fuckin AM’s

  8. I’ll give it to Cleetus. He knows how to put on a show. But those Crown Vics aren’t prepared nearly well enough to be racing as hard as they are. I’m glad to hear you’re “OK”, but seeing that crash and how you walked away, I know you were hurting. You and just a couple of others in that race know what it’s like to be wrecked. It’s not something to strive for. It’s not worth the “views” on youtube.

  9. Jesus christ lol what is this channel 😂 “girl wrecks every race she enters”

  10. Hans device ftw. That could have been bad dude.

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