The Hardest Class at Harvard

I will edit your university essay!


  1. Looks a little hard

  2. That’s 5

  3. pretty east tbh

  4. What is the point of taking that class? It’s known to be so hard and take up so much of your time and not to mention on top of all your other courses. Like what career path other than whoever wants to teach that course would need to know this?

  5. I am studying math in germany ans tbh.. Thats not a rly difficult assignment

  6. Ok so here I am and here’s math
    Me languages cbt math

    When I see math formulas I legit cringe because that’s just not my thing.

  7. I stole Jimin's jam :)

    No but what is the use of that math?? If someone tell me and its convenient then i may consider taking that class
    In my highschool’s applied math 40S we study about finance like loans, intrests, mortgage, leases, how to figure out what house prize best suit my current financial situation… Etc.
    Its so useful and easy to comprehense that I use it in my free fime to figure it how long will take me to pay off my future college loans nad which house prize will suite my future job salary after jow many years and that includes taxes and heat monthly payments

    That’s the math that is worth my time and everyone’s honestly bc not only do we learn how to calculate we also learn how to choose a good bank and avoid scams since we’re 17 we can easily get scammed
    That math seem useless but I cold ne wrong

  8. shit looked like hieroglyphics to me

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