The Halo TV Show Is Extremely BAD

The Halo TV Show is one of the worst video game adaptations to movie theater I’ve ever seen. I just had to diatribe on it is existence and everything mistaken with it. It would have been so simple to follow the original story rather than all this phoney crap they came up with.


  1. So we taking bets on when this video will be copyright claimed?

    • Oh cwap

    • @Dan Te don’t trust everything matpat tells you

    • I’m gonna say after 24 hours.

    • You could say they are violating your right to freedom of speech.

    • If that happens, that is just a simple shitty move! And despite all the criticism i have, i do hope they don’t pull such bullshit on you. If they do i believe you should genuinely contest them! Despite me not agreeing with many of your points, criticism should always be open and follow a clear and rational path imo!… if i was them i wouldn’t honestly want to engage with that because it would just be like censorship on a personal opinion. The worst part, imo, is that they actually might think they’re so entitled to it, that they might actually do it! XD

  2. pizzapicante27

    Or just not make the show around Master Chief specifically? like I bet you could have the exact same story but feature… Spartan.. Mike-188? or something, then you can have your original story? like there’s nothing in the show that needed us to have Master Chief instead of Random Spartan in there right? Its not even about franchise recognition, because these people obviously werent interested in protecting the intellectual property or the franchise or anything.

  3. He Who Battles

    Act Man’s opening skits are sometimes better than Angry Joe’s. No offense or disrespect to Joe, but this is Gold.

  4. Friendly reminder, Act Man is currently sitting on an ATLA video that he hasn’t finished editing in 2 years

  5. Gman Plays Games

    “we want to appeal to a broader audience” is literally the SINGLE WORST PHRASE any media company can ever utter. EVERY attempt to “broaden appeal” ALWAYS results in ultimately watering down whatever the original intent of the game/show/book whatever in order to cram other things in, but those other things are themselves watered down. balancing too many story elements/themes is DAUNTING TASK that usually fails, you can’t balance romance and action and worldbuilding and a “self discovery” arc and your socio-political agenda and whatever else ALL AT THE SAME TIME, it DOESN’T WORK.

  6. I am glad I don’t have paramount plus, so I don’t have to subject myself to this garbage attempt at Halo

  7. The lore of Halo has the potential to be the new Starwars but they gave the job to disconnected writers that don’t understand or care about Halo. The bootleg stream sites won’t even upload this😔

  8. Jade Kun★ヤマト

    9.4 K

  9. I wish they had just given it a different name, changed the characters/aliens, and made the show its own thing. it had way too many hopes to live up to and if it wasn’t the HALO SHOW it would be better.

  10. Wdym money can’t buy vision, I can buy glasses!

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