The Greatest Heist in Minecraft History

The diamond was my most prized ownership… until it got stolen. If I do not thieve it back in time, I will never watch it again. This was the Greatest Heist in Minecraft History.

Like ParrotX2 and his LifeSteal SMP Series where he broke bedrock or blew up 2000 TNT. Not Technoblade / TommyInnit / or any other Dream SMP member. This is a new and original Minecraft notion like HermitCraft or LastLife with Grian and MumboJumbo. Survival is harder than Hardcore Minecraft because PVP is on.

LifeSteal Discord:

A Minecraft video clip made by Parrot or ParrotX2 on other platforms! Enjoy! This was made on LifeSteal SMP Season 3.


  1. Sorry for the lack of uploads… Now that school’s almost done I can actually start posting more 😀

  2. Useless Channel

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  3. oh gawd

  4. Hi Rocket 😁

  5. Dance Dance pro

    Ugghh I wish recrap2 was there he would be a lot of help

  6. Cool content 😎 Keep itup

  7. Rekrap2 just got the advancement

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  9. yes it is worth makeing enimies for content bruh

  10. 9:19 he didnt even make the neo, he just jumped on the side block and added a fade effect so you couldnt see properly, it also looks like he added the reaction since there was a cut right after and he calmed down

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