The Greatest Golf Shot in YouTube History.

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  1. And you go to buy the shirt, AND IT”S GONE!

  2. That is what you call a bink of a ting of destiny

  3. Thomas Robinson

    I’ve watched this 20 times since yesterday. Great vibes!

  4. You guys are incredible golfers and the odds are you will all hit one on camera. But to catch a HIO on a par 4…Matt has the crown

  5. Buying Matt’s shirt now

  6. FNQ Outdoor Adventures

    Thats mental!!!! Matt!!! Wow!!!!

  7. Love this!

  8. Bubbie was the unsung hero of this video. Guy played very solid and clutched up multiple times going first in the scramble. Took some pressure off of Matt for his hole in one

  9. Holeeeeeeee Crap what a great group of shots !!!

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