The Greatest Game of Mario Hide And Seek ever played

I played Super Mario Odyssey’s Online Multiplayer with @Fir @CraftyBoss and Mars2020. It was the funniest game of Hide and Seek ever.

Edited by: Me +

#SmallAnt #Mario #challenge


  1. This was one of the few I was there for and it was insanity

  2. Smant is a fantastic actor

  3. terrible edit. zoomer edit. like its okay make a video not of just clips. clips can be longer than 14 seconds lol

  4. you are now B E A R D M A N

  5. Smallant should have changed into Mars’ outfit during the chase

  6. I cannot believe what they were able to do to each other in this session….

  7. when are you doing tag?

  8. please shave

  9. Maxime Lafrenière

    Title’s accurate.
    This is peak SMO H&S, we might never top this one.

    Not only was the jukes and plays hilarious, it was amazing to see the psychological war.

  10. This was a lesson on Gaslighting. lol!

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