The Greatest Athlete In The World


  1. Baseball Doesn't Exist

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  2. Your 200 million stat is so stupid he would make the 3 million a year even if he stayed he just went to the mlb instead.

  3. Why is Messi in here? Should have been Ronaldo

  4. As an angels fan I appreciate his

  5. I don’t think I realized the sheer insanity of what we’ve been blessed with in this man

  6. Please make a video of just how crazy playing in New York is

  7. I don’t even watch baseball but this video was really good

  8. Your taking this a little far comparing him to Kobe and Jordan and Lebron dude just calm down

  9. tom brady is an absolute nobody, he plays handegg which isn’t sport so
    he can’t even be considered an athlete, also lebron isn’t really known or cared about outside the us so he also can’t even be considered one of the great athletes, and why the hell wasn’t Ronaldo on thumbnail or at least why were 2 nobodies on it over him, that’s absolute stupidity, the american arrogance (more like stupidity) needs to stop, you clowns are idiotic ash

  10. Boys let’s get him to 500k before end of the year

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