The greatest and worst show on every streaming service

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Everyone go thank @Eddy Burback for his really nice cameo

00:00 – Intro
00:34 – Hulu
04:32 – HBO Max
08:23 – Disney Plus
10:43 – Prime Video
10:46 – Netflix
17:12 – hot dog


hot dog:


  1. Who will be pinned it’s a mystery

  2. Hey Drew, I loved you with your performance on Malcom In The Middle!
    Lots of Love,

  3. The guy who plays Clide is Murray on Flight of the Conchords (HBO Max) and he’s absolutely hilarious on that

  4. alexanderdeadmansche

    Do you make the guitar licks beneath the transitions yourself? They’re good

  5. ALSO, please watch the Netflix original violet evergarden, it’s incredible

  6. The last man on earth S1 was AMAZING but I couldn’t care less for S2

  7. I love The Boys on amazon prime !

  8. Didnt even mention Godzilla vs kong smh🌝

  9. their second strike was not renewing high fidelity for another szn

  10. For hbo you should also check out Infinity Train it’s really good

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