The Great Resignation: Why Millions Of Workers Are Quitting

Americans are leaving their jobs in droves. In August 4.3 million Americans quit their jobs. While some folks have left the work force fully, job security and better pay are top issues for others. Dubbed “The Great Resignation”, the exodus of personnel has built hiring challenges for corporations and left millions of jobs unfilled. More than one half of U.S. employees surveyed stated they plan to search for a new job in the coming year, stated by Bankrate’s August jobseeker poll. Some 56% of respondents stated adjustable working hours and remote work were a priority. Working females have faced an extra burden, juggling childcare obligations, virtual schooling and their professional lives. So, what does the realignment of the work force mean for personnel and businesses? And what steps should you take before quitting your job?

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The Great Resignation: Why Millions Of Workers Are Quitting

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