The Great Places Erased by Suburbia (the Third Place) to get Curiosity Stream and Nebula for only US$14.79 for the first year.

The pub. The café. The town square. They are not home. They are not work. They are something else. But these places are becoming more and more scarce. And in car-dependent suburbia, they have been erased nearly entirely … and that’s a problem.

Script by Nicole Conlan and Jason Slaughter

References & Further Reading

Q + A with Ray Oldenburg

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Do Yourself a Favor and Go Find a ‘3rd Place’

“Third places” as community builders

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McDonald’s: you can sneer, but it is the glue that holds communities together

A Question About Friends Unveils a Lot About Class Divides

Do folks truly hook up at barbershops and just hang out, like on television? If so, why is it in in particular barbershops that folks hang out like that?


0:00 Pre-roll
0:08 Introduction
0:39 Ray Oldenburg’s “Third Place”
1:18 Our “local”
2:16 Why littler apartments are OK
3:04 Cheers
3:42 Other benefits of the Third Places
5:27 How suburbia demolished the Third Place
6:06 Thieving “keep off” signs
6:28 Faking the Third Places
8:02 Let us go to the mall!
8:55 The sterilized Third Place
9:22 The barber shop
9:41 What is left of the Third Place in America
10:18 Determination
11:27 Curiosity Stream and Nebula
12:54 Patreon Shout-out


  1. to get Curiosity Stream and Nebula for only US$14.79 for the first year.

    • @KNARF XD Agreed, landgenoot. If iDEAL is not an option, I’d prefer to use PayPal for my payments. Just like with Netflix and HBOMax.

    • @KNARF XD I have the same situation. I wish more services would accept IDEAL payments. The social app Discord recently did which is pretty cool. It shows that some services are starting to

    • @smeL Check your spams, I received the Nebula email together with the Curiosity one directly after subscribing, it’s valid for 3 days.

    • steamnamebbderinvade1246 __

      Most of this is due to corporate consolidation as you need places less dense to have meaningful friendships and conversations. Or, just by setting regulations on how big stores, cafes etc. can be or at least the majority have to comply.

    • You are right NOT jUST Bikes. How can I get drunk and stagger 2 blocks to my home ?

  2. Really like seeing Faraggut Square in DC. I used to work right on the square and it was a favorite place to sit and have lunch. It really has the life like a piazza in Rome would have as well.

  3. location, location and distance from poor you silly

  4. “Hairstyles haven’t held up”.. Don’t challenge the fancy of Americans

  5. This video is a great explanation for what I have missed, especially since Covid. All of the third places I used to go to are either gone or changed. What’s left are chain restaurants and coffee shops and even they often close at 2 or 3 pm.

  6. 1/2 way through and this video just kinda makes me sad. Moving to a Amsterdam or Basel is appearing to be exceedingly difficult due to work visa laws so we have to try and settle for incredibly expensive dense US cities such as Seattle or NYC.

  7. I forgot Fraiser is a spin off of Cheers.

  8. Never lived anywhere with a third place nearby saldy. I don’t understand basic community, being on the spectrum.

  9. You know what’s sad? When Walmart becomes the third place

  10. Been a big fan for a while, but I beg to differ on the hairstyles, they’re coming back!

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