The Golden Nugget Is BACK! But Came With A Big Problem

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Guess who’s back, back again?! We got the Golden Nugget back from @Robby Layton and it is one step nearer to getting back to Ed. It did not come without any a little bit of trouble though! Check it out!
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  1. I got my 1” from the Snap-on guy when they were only made by the Unibit Corporation. In the 80’s sometime the patent was sold to Irwin, who I believe have stuck to the original quality patent. Other cheapy off brands with some kind of gold colored coating just don’t hold up.

  2. Syed Mohammad Yusuf

    can someone ask this woman to shop shaving her forehead. 🙂 its annoying. sorry

  3. Ed keeps telling everyone he is going back to the claim soon, as in WHEREVER my Suzuki is I need it back lol!

  4. Best step bit i have is a big ole steel one…it’s all kinds of rainbow colors from being cooked again & again.
    Have no idea where it came from but i’ve abused it relentlessly for 20yrs & it’ll still mills thru anything i throw at it.

  5. da443-g Almond

    As Matt said…the Golden Nugget looks smaller each time I see it. I guess the dull old look made the Nugget look like a big blob of yellow reminiscent to an old weathered tractor. The Gold is sharp and makes you see all the angles and is more defined. Even as Paul adds finishing components(lights) makes it look smaller.

  6. Those people that told Ed are NOT fans 😤😤😤😤

  7. Ed might start binge watching all the Paul, Robby, Bikes and beards vids and get caught up on what’s been going on.

  8. Fook who ever talked to EDD. fook him . fook him

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