The Genius of Minecraft Manhunt

The Genius of Minecraft Manhunt. In this documentary, I tell the tale of Minecraft Manhunt and how Dream made it one of the most effective Minecraft series in the history of the game. I cover everything from Wilbur Soot’s first manhunt ever to the tale of how Dream met Georgenotfound, Sapnap, Badboyhalo, Antfrost, and Awesamdude, and also 5 montages which includes my own cinematic recreations of your favorite Manhunt moments!! This Minecraft documentary is the next in a line of new content I am posting. I am really eager to test the thresholds with each and every upload!! Tell me your favorite part in the remarks!!


Huge thanks to Misteyyy, my sibling Kaiya, Dr Wiggles101, Cjspy, Alf1es, Legacy, Redsow, and Topothetop for assisting act in many of the cinematic shots!!

Music from Patricia Taxxon, Lorne Balfe, Isaac Wilkins, Audioblocks, Dungeon Defenders, and Epidemic Sound.

Opening Montage: (00:00)
The First Manhunt: (01:16)
Dream Introduced: (02:11)
Sponsor: (03:01)
The Genius: (04:17)
Hunters Introduced: (08:30)
The Staredown: (09:58)
Opening Chase Montage: (11:07)
Midgame: (12:11)
Midgame Montage: (13:31)
The Endgame: (15:54)
Final Moments: (18:27)


  1. Same as cookie gods sponsor

  2. What are all the songs you used?

  3. Your trending congratulations

  4. Franz Cedrick Aliento

    Dream’s most epic finger reveal

  5. the mission impossible music lol

  6. like the skin change

  7. “The genius of mc manhunt”

    me: yea im sure its staged lol xd

  8. lets gooo

  9. I am pissed at how good this is

  10. wilbur single handily made history on minecraft

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