The Gaming Smartphone Of Your Dreams…

Sennheiser HD 58X on Drop –
The Red Magic 3 is the most recent android cellphone targeted at game enthusiasts. It is the very first gaming smart phone I’ve seen with integrated active cooling. The Red Magic 3 in addition features a 90Hz display and touch sensitive shoulder buttons.


  1. Sennheiser HD 58X on Drop –

  2. 25% of the video: good quality
    25% of the video: gaming
    50% of the video: *JAMMING TO MY SWEET TUNES*

  3. fantastic! its really boiling out here in Barbados the heat is murder! i could use the fan

  4. The Dark Skull

    Talking about fans and cooling once my tablet got too hot so threw it in the freezer and forgot it there

  5. nathan pilapil

    Lemme guess in start of the vid RED MI BLACK SHARK Popular in China:)

  6. Meanwhile on apple

  7. Razer phone 2 120hz… Just saying

  8. Redmi Note 7 pro vs Redmi Note 7s. Please make a video about it ?

  9. *Nice*

  10. I can’t wait till jerryrigeverything gets his hands on this…

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