The FUTURE of Blox Fruits.

The Future of Blox Fruits is looking KRAZY.

We are going to be posting codes more often alongside the YouTube video clips

🎮- Check out OUR GAME here:

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  1. Nice but can y’all add gear 3rd and gear 4th and also with ever gear the move changes and make gear 5 the awakening for gomu gomu model nika

  2. Played this game since it’s first released and I can’t believe how far this game has gotten!

  3. Ninguem Ninguem

    this is not another one piece game

  4. Ban hackers tho 70% of players are exploiters every server u join in Asia server have exploiter on haunted castle

  5. Tsetsen Battsengel

    I know it’s the biggest update in Roblox

  6. Yall need to fix ur game this is my opinion as someone who plays his game pretty actively and yall need to fix ur game the fact that 90% of the player base has to hack to progress and have fun cuz of jow fucking beaindead it is to level up is problematic I don’t know 1 person who hasn’t hacked to advance and ik 20 ppl in my high school that play this game

    To follow that add a defensive option to pvp as it’s just a movement shooter where u aim ur abilities run and shoot that it a defensive option would be great maybe it could scale with melee on how efficient it is

  7. I was in the server arguing with my freind lol

  8. Name:sonicbezerra10 Roblox:)

  9. Miguel gam3r 123 m

    Add t Rex fruit

  10. Miguel gam3r 123 m


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