The Furry Franchise from HELL – Alpha and Omega

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  1. Welcome to furry hell folks :*)

  2. Dumbsville moment

  3. What’s funny is I loved this film. Me and my group of friends have redesigned the characters and actually want to remake this into a series with an actually thought out story and more logical details (the first movie, the others don’t deserve it)

  4. The first Alpha & Omega movie wasn’t TERRIBLE, and could’ve actually been enjoyable at times. It wasn’t perfect, had plenty of cringey scenes, and was overall pretty meh, but it had its charms in some places (particularly in the characters of Lily and Garth). The OTHER movies, the sequels though? Trash, and it should’ve been a stand-alone movie.

  5. Simplified summary of how alphas aren’t real:
    That was based on a group of unrelated wolves in captivity, and they did build a more “traditional” structure (traditional in how we think of them.)
    Real wolf packs are more like big families.

  6. Oooooh
    I like this Show as a kid, I like the songs a lot.

  7. This is the movie franchise ever

  8. eww, furrys

  9. Dang, I’ve been waiting for this video.

  10. natural wold packs are a family unit. the study that the “alpha wolf” is based on to my knowledge was on unrelated wolves in captivity.

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