The FULL 2023 NBA #ATTSlamDunk Contest! πŸ‘€ | 2023 #NBAAllStar

Mac McClung has won the 2023 AT&T Slam Dunk Contest with a multiple perfect score performance. #StateFarmSaturday

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  2. Might be the best dunk ever in the NBA dunk contest.

  3. Come Fast To Get Into My Body

    So happy for Mac. Feel proud of him having seen his highlights through HS for years now.
    And finally, a great dunk contest.

  4. My white boy ngga!

  5. These guys care more about their dreads swinging then the game anymore…..weakest dunks I have ever seen. This is is best in the world? Used to be. Domonique would have absolutely demolished these players by himself. With one dunk. Seems like the money has really gotten to the nba players and in my opinion they have wayy wayy too much money and do not care about being the slightest bit competitive. Its more about how many hits they get on twitter or making their families part of the wealth. What’s up with the players bringing their kids like basically onto the floor?? Like was it a day care or? This league has become a joke.

  6. that 360 reverse was aw hell naw

  7. Somebody frm nowhere literally saved the dunk contest thanks Mcclung

  8. pff.. White Men Can’t Ju..

  9. Damn the announcers make this unwatchable

  10. This is more entertaining than the all star game. At least this one has competition.

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