The Forgotten Disney XD Shows

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Remember Disney XD? Yeah, I didn’t watch it too much either, but when there was nothing else to watch on TV I always resorted to checking out whatever new show Disney’s sister channel was airing, let’s take a look and see if any of them are good in “The Forgotten Disney XD Shows”.

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0:00 What was Disney XD?
2:41 Sponsor
3:46 Zeke and Luther
8:57 Pair of Kings
13:48 Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja
18:21 Pickle and Peanut
22:13 Crash and Bernstein
25:30 Conclusion


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  2. 8:20 this dude is a serious wigger

  3. I could listen to your voice. So badly narrated. The end of every sentence is bad. Why do purposely do that to that your voice. You sound like you eat frozen food and watch TV all day.

  4. Crash and Bernstein was popular in my school. Many kids watched and even had one kid who resembled the Bernstein guy. People would tell him, “where was crash” or would say stuff crash would say

  5. Something that I appreciate about Mark is how he focuses so much on other projects/his daily life, but when he sits down to play a game like this you can tell that he still really cares about being serious about it–since he cares about us. It also shows that he really loves what he does, which is so much easier to watch than someone who is just throwing out half-assed content to hit the deadlines. We appreciate both your hustle and staying true to what’s important, Mark.

  6. I hate you

  7. “Forgotten Disney XD Show” Proceeds to list my entire childhood. All of these have a special place in my heart.

  8. These shows are unironically my favorites when i was 7

  9. God I loved XD as a kid! Gravity falls, lab rats, crash and bernstien, mighty med, star vs, wander over yander, and phineas and ferb. Now that I think of it, I had lots of fond memories regardless of how it aged. Oh lord pickle and peanut was a abomination! Even weird 9 year old me was horrified and I barely had established taste back then

  10. I actually loved pickle and peanut.

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