The Forgotten Dan Schneider Shows

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Over his near 30 year history at Nickelodeon, Dan Schneider built many hit TV Show’s for instance Drake and Josh, iCarly and Victorious, nevertheless today I’m going to be talking about the last 3 shows he made for the channel and why they’ failed, here is The Forgotten Dan Schneider Shows.

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0:00 The History of Dan Schneider
3:54 Sponsor
4:58 Henry Danger
16:07 Game Shakers
23:27 The Adventures of Kid Danger
27:36 Conclusion


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  2. I feel like the only reason I liked any of these shows in the past was for the singular funny characters in each show, everyone else was just miserably unfunny.

  3. I still think of the green Jello foot. Why was it there?

  4. I actually grew up with Game Shakers and Henry Danger for a lil bit in the 2014-2016 era tbh, never really fucked with Icarly and Zoey 101

  5. Dan Schneider Vs Dana Snyder

  6. i think we’re the same age

  7. How is dan schneider NOT in jail ?

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  9. Also, Henry Danger as a show just feels counterproductive when a much better show with essentially the same premise started just before it, Dan essentially just nicked the plot of the thundermans and thought the kids wouldn’t notice

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