The First SCP – SCP-001 The Prototype (SCP Animation)

Dr Bob brings you SCP Foundation anomaly SCP-001 The Prototype Animation.

This is the tale of SCP 001, the very first SCP, and the origins of the SCP Foundation. Recovered in Guatemala, SCP001 was first reported as a devil that was seen by a few boys on a rural street. After a few locals went missing and more were confessed to a clinic with radiation poisoning, a recuperation team was put together to capture the monster.

Narrated by Joe Cliff Thompson
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  1. HailToNietzsche

    Your SCP-Presentation is clearly the best of them all. Just the voice-acting – as good as it gets. 🙂

  2. Britnee Umbenhower

    Love the background music

  3. It looks like a Khezu with the body of a death angel from a quiet place.


  5. I’m not having adverts play every two minutes. Using an adblocker from now on

  6. The first scp is scp 173.

  7. i dont like many 001 proposals because giving a name and origin to the unknown takes away the alluring enigma they have. thats why this one is cool; it keeps the mystery about these anomalies

  8. 2:57 the real reason the boy is scared is because he can hear the dr. bob heavy metal guitar playing in the background

  9. My favourite SCP video ever is your video on Boogeyman.

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