The Failing Economy of Sri Lanka

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0:00 – 2:28 Intro
2:29 – 3:33 Shipstation
3:34 – 5:10 Economic growth
5:11 – 6:25 Infrastructure spending
6:26 – 7:26 Overbuilding
7:27 – 12:59 Balance of payments
13:00 – 15:55 Debt emergency
15:56 – 17:44 Limits to Development
17:45 National Leaderboard

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Over the past 20 years Sri Lanka was one of the quickest growing economies in Asia thanks to its tourism industry and comparatively trained work force. To further bolster growth the government borrowed large amounts of cash at high interest rates. This eventually culminated with a debt emergency in 2022 which led to a near-total collapse in the economy.

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  1. Can you please make a video about Egypt? It feels so familiar to Sri Lanka

  2. 4:25 “Oil reserves by country” ?

  3. sri lanka situation is a transfer pricing problem, which also have caused the country to collapse economically.

  4. Surely your economic leaderboard methodology needs some work if Russia is ranking below Sri Lanka?

  5. Oluwaseun Ayegbusi

    Can you please make one for Nigeria please.

  6. Why do they let Xinhua advertise in Times Square, it’s basically a mouthpiece for the CCP? At least that was my understanding.

  7. All as planned by IMF, and the WEF. They are doing it around the world and here in US, too. Look at the debt we in America have now. We can never recover. All as planned.


  9. China is a iron leg 🦿 where ever china enter there will be economic problems

  10. Sir Lanka issues aren’t economy it’s tyrannical rule. Like the shadow government of the world want for everyone. This is called propaganda AGAIN.

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