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Money. Romance. Tragedy. Deception. Hulu’s limited series “The Dropout,” the tale of Elizabeth Holmes (Amanda Seyfried) and Theranos, is an unthinkable story of ambition and stardom gone awfully mistaken. How did the world’s youngest self-made lady billionaire lose it all in the bat of an eye?

“The Dropout” stars Amanda Seyfried as Elizabeth Holmes and Naveen Andrews as Sunny Balwani. The limited series in addition comprises guest stars Utkarsh Ambudkar, Kate Burton, Michel Gill, LisaGay Hamilton, William H. Macy, Elizabeth Marvel, Laurie Metcalf, Dylan Minnette, Alan Ruck, Sam Waterston, Michaela Watkins and more.

The series is executive produced by showrunner Elizabeth Meriwether, Liz Heldens, Liz Hannah, Katherine Pope, Rebecca Jarvis, Victoria Thompson and Taylor Dunn. Michael Showalter directs multiple episodes and even serves as an executive producer along with his Semi-Formal Productions generating partner Jordana Mollick. The series comes to Hulu from Searchlight Television and 20th Television. This is Searchlight Television’s first production.



  1. Where is the fake deep voice that was so much of Holmes’s persona? Possibly it was used in scenes not included in the trailer, but Seyfried is shown making presentations to investors and she is NOT using that voice. I think this is a real issue with the portrayal.

  2. if she had been successful, we would’ve all called her a genius. she just found a project that actually proved to be too far out in the future if at all possible and her downfall was lying about her progress.

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  4. May have done a double take at the length of that forehead at 1:32

  5. Omg this looks incredible!

  6. WOW! I had no idea what this movie was about but I could tell she was portraying Elizabeth Holmes in the first 10 seconds. She nailed her facial expression and voice.

  7. Bleh when she talked to herself in the mirror it gave me the same chills as it did while watching the Black Swan lol

  8. The liberal 🤡s – Real Title 👍🏼

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