The Dream Smartphone! (2019)

The infeasible dream of the perfect cellphone in 2019!

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Tech I’m using at present:


  1. One extra thing to include in this video is identifying a phone that came out in those 5 years that reflected as close as possible to what you wanted in 2014. Just to see some sort of timeline or idk potential influence haha good vid

  2. Samsung made the display for the OnePlus 7pro

  3. Sounds almost on the edge of feasible, until he said pocophone price ?

  4. Mark ass brownlee:

    Moore’s law: Yes.

  5. your dream phone and you said Apple just twice the all video …. you not a real apple lover as i thought you will be .

  6. TranscendingPolygons

    I have a dream! MLK
    I have a dream! MKBHD

  7. No notch, a single camera that is really good, a battery that runs at least 2 days, and a f***ing headphone jack that have f****ing high output like a real stereo…….. Is that too much? I mean were in f***ing 2019 FFS!

  8. Your dream will come true except asking for Apple A12 SoC and Pocophone price tag. ?

  9. I would have to say
    1. The shape of the note 9
    2. The size of the s10e
    3. Pixel camera quality with Samsung wide angle and regular lenses
    4.Matte black glass and aluminum build
    5. iMessage cause why not!

  10. It amazes me how many people don’t get that perfection is subjective. Objective perfection doesn’t exist but the idea of perfection is a subjective one. When something fulfills all your need and wants it is perfect for u. So perfect phones do exist just not for u.

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