The Dream Guy – SNL

A dating show tries to pair a single lady (Kim Kardashian West) with the guy of her dreams.

Saturday Night Live.

#SNL #KimKardashian #Halsey #SNL47


  1. Sur.Realist Corporation

    Where’s the funny?

  2. Elon and Kim should hook up!

  3. Wow! Shes back to her 2008 self

  4. Ok, she did really well. Respect.

  5. Lisa Marie Garver

    Is she supposed to be pretending to be a robot, or is she just only capable of reading teleprompters? it’s distracting me from the jokes

  6. MsSharon Cleveland

    Beautiful! You did great kim!

  7. The pit shouldve been opened by squid game workers and the song shouldve been playing at the end lol

  8. So is there a reason that Amy Schumer alone isn’t funny, but being in the mere presence of John Cena actually somehow makes her funnier? I’ve only like Schumer when she was interacting with John Cena in that movie she did a while back, but her little part was actually hysterical and he just HAPPENS to be right next to her

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