The Doc Rivers-Bill Simmons beef is what occurs when the media are fans

Before he became a media magnate, Bill Simmons was a Celtics fan. While Simmons was getting super widely known, the Celtics were not really good. The guy overseeing that not-very-goodnesss was coach Doc Rivers. So Bill’s difficulties became Doc’s difficulties, and vice versa.

This is what occurs when one of the largest stars in sports media cares profoundly and publicly about a distinctive team, and the man running team is not just going to take it all in stride. It got uncomfortable, and it got bulky.

Directed and edited by Ryan Simmons
Written and produced by Seth Rosenthal


  1. Doc is a joke….he won one championship with KG, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen…feeling fairly confident my high school coach could have accomplished the same feat

  2. 8:27

    We needed to talk how bad of a take this was from Simmons. That Celtics-Nets trade got them Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum.

  3. Clown Doc for blowing 3-1 leads all you want but he seems like a really good guy

  4. Beef History: Glenn vs 3-1

  5. what an intro!!

  6. Doc vs 3-1 leads

  7. doc is the most overrated coach man

  8. The Beef History between Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert is going to be epic when they make it

  9. Simmons was right

  10. Optimus997 Fan Club

    I enjoyed this video, but you keep dancing around the point and missing it. Simmons pioneered the idea that a sports columnist can be a fan and doesn’t need to feign indifference. In the internet/podcast age he’s been proven right again and again.

    You touched on it near the end at 16:15. “Simmons’ voice… heralded a changing media environment.” And at 11:22 when you said Simmons was the very rare fan who could make a stink on national TV. Is that so rare today? Or is it becoming the default?

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