The Dixie D’Amelio Show With Larray

Hey everyone! Here it is!! The most requested episode on the Dixie D’Amelio Show. You’ve all been asking for @LARRAY for a while and here he is! We had so much to talk about, I think you’ll see another episode with Larray in the future!!!


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We love our Tov chairs!

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  1. i Love you and can you say 300,000,000 💟


  2. I’m here for Larray. !!!
    hi girlies ❤

  3. We need a house tour now

  4. Help me reach 200 S U B'S

    *Youtube is getting real comfortable with these double 15 second no skip ads*

  5. Help me reach 200 S U B'S

    Children : crying
    Girls : lip – syncing
    Boys : dancing
    *Legends : scrolling through* *comments.*

  6. 4:23 i cant stop replaying idk y lol😂

  7. Just spray that gravy all over me

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