The Diesel Brothers Surprised Me With A Military Truck!

There was a huge surprise this week at Cerro Gordo. What began off as an informal Friday turned into a historical day thanks to a surprise visit from Heavy D and Diesel Dave. They dropped off a military 5-ton truck that is going to be huge for moving materials for the town. We also ended up going 900 ft down into the Union Mine, which also came with all sorts of surprises!

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  1. Ghost Town Living

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    • You really need to bring a light weight “marker” with you at all times when adventuring off alone and place it on the outside just in case you go missing people will know exactly where to look it very easily can save your life it would be a miserable death getting trapped and starving to death etc.

    • So enjoyed this video. Heavy D has a huge heart and what a wonderful gift to you and Cerro Gordo

    • @Aunt Dee you know he would not do what he does if he not getting huge paydays Brent on the other hand yes he’s in it for the love I assure you this statement is 100% fact

  2. You know that road better than anyone, but be careful with a vehicle that heavy. Last thing you want is to chew up your supply route just being too heavy

  3. Great video, love to see the support you are getting and all the hard work you do. I literally wouldn’t mind watching some ads to help you running the town!

  4. Deuce and a half and the 5-ton are great vehicles. Not comfortable but very Hardy vehicle. You should check out Military Surplus auctions. There’s still some crates of Parts floating around for those rigs plus pretty much anything that you may need for a really good price.

  5. Hey Brent, have you thought about having someone take a look at the ladder in the elevator shaft? Maybe see if its useable and repair the parts that are not, just so you would have a backup in case the elevator stops working and you need to use the ladder.

  6. When you have a mate called Dave…

  7. These videos are so inspirational and exciting! I love every one of them…What a life you are living….would you like to adopt a 53 yr old, mechanically inclined guy to be the house pet?

  8. He’s gonna need a place to work on vehicles! Is there a building to make a mechanic shop in? Put a lift?

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