The Decline of GameStop…What Happened?

Every person’s favorite video game merchant has been on the decline. They are likely to carry on falling at an accelerated rate and have no real plan in place on how to fight it.

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  1. My Name Is Ryan

    Gamestop needs to completely change their business model. Play N Trade is already way ahead of them. Sure, they buy and sell modern video games, but also have learned heavily into the culture and provide all kinds of nick nacks and run community events like tournaments.

  2. I thought games top made eb games I always called it Canadian gamestop (I’m from Canada)

  3. They are a dead company open…they will be gone in around 5 years.

  4. cant wait for them to close down

  5. Hadouken Hadouken

    Embrace death and call it quits.

  6. they have horrible and rude disrespectful management go watch videos on this

  7. They gave up once they called off searching for a buyer. If they really cared, they would do anything to try to implement a newer business model.

  8. GameStop is just blockbuster 2.0

  9. I bought a Nintendo switch that was allegedly refurbished from game stop. needless to say it was returned the next day and I bought a brand new one.

  10. Terence/hpAngry Birds's Talking Tom and Ben News

    I have Book and Music Exchange! I go there every week to every couple weeks

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