The Deceptive World of Ghost Kitchens

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  1. I don’t think Mr Beast ever *intentionally* does bad, but I do think he is 100% a scumbag on the pure fact that he’s a super capitalist. And capitalism is, obviously, evil, so he thinks evil things about profit

  2. Just found out my local MrBeast Burger runs out of a Red Robin 😂

  3. Rylan Hunter Garcia

    That fish Sandwich looks good
    Ooh that one looks good too
    Oh and that one
    OMG you have to let me try that fish sandwich
    Is that a fish sandwich? It looks good
    Wow, what a good looking fish sandwich
    Hey Eddie, are you gonna finish that good looking fish sandwich?
    Man I could really go for a fish sandwich
    What are you eating? Oh a fish sandwich, is it good?

  4. Eddy, you’re rocking that hair. It needs to be said.

  5. I love how engaging this video is, “I lied” and every time I’m like WHAT lol

  6. I always look at restaurants on Google first. Check out photos, menus, reviews…and then if I want delivery, I go find them on Uber Eats or Doordash.

    That said, I don’t necessarily have a problem with ghost kitchens as long as they’re properly licensed and inspected. Maybe inspectors should work with tax collectors to make a database of these things.

  7. What if Universe's Extended Universe

    I got mr beast burger one time and I will never get it again b/c I got sick after eating my meal

  8. Absolutely top notch content, Eddy. The one thing I would work to improve is your logo, it’s kinda bland and generic. Kinda looks like the Simpsons

  9. 36:57 that technique is striking


    ffs, the public are literally all stupid and they deserve to be duped like this. A fool is soon parted with their money.

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