The Death of Late Night TV

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  1. Bro, I read that as “Get 32% off 1-3 diabetes”

  2. I mustache you a question

  3. Matthew M. S., CFP

    Eddy. This was incredible.

  4. Was Trevor Noah not a late night host?

  5. Johnny Joestar

    As a Conan fan, I have a lot of respect for Kimmel because back during the first late night wars between Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien, he defended Conan through and through and even called out Leno in his own show about how much he fucked over Conan. He wasn’t afraid to call out the bullshit and stick his neck out for Conan, so I give him a lot of props for that.

  6. Who’s Pedro & what did he do? Imagine all the people? I dont get it…

  7. Mule The Donkey

    imagine being the car at the end. like physically, what would it be like to be a cars 4 style sentient car.

  8. I haven’t watched any late night shows since Conan ended

  9. Margaret Frost

    Wait… I’ve never in my life been so enthralled by an advertisement… The hat was just right, Eddy.

  10. TruthInLove777

    Oh cool another person pushing the biggest lies ever…keep on succeeding…late Night is trash…

  11. I like how you used race lol.

  12. Daniel Moura da Silva

    Literally read the title and thought “good”

  13. daily show and colbert report were iconic to my life growing up

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